ZTE USA / Canada (No Refund for CRICKET or TMOBILE IMEIs) unlock service - NCK Code

Delivery Time: 2-6 days

Price: $ 12.5

Important Information:

- This service works from Monday to Friday. 

- Please be sure that the counter is not 0 on your device.

- Do not submit brands other than ZTE.  No refund for errors.

- Do not order ZTE that belongs to MetroPCS and Cricket, No refund for errors . 

- Only USA and Canada supported.  If you order from a different country you may get wrong code & there will be NO REFUND. 

- No refund if the phone is asking for PUK.

- No refunds available for this service because all codes are 100% correct.

 -Make sure your phone only needs NCK code.    No refund if the phone needs any other code. 


Refunds are not available for mistakes.